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Thailand Health Data 2015-2016
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Thailand Health Data 2015-2016

                Welcome to Thailand Health Data 2015-2016.  This database was developed based on Thailand Public Health Book and Public & Private Hospital Directory which will provide one stop access to the public health statistics for the researchers, businessman and interested people.

                TCELS, in cooperated with Alpha Research, has gathered, developed, and presented a book of health statistics in order to be used as reference or on daily work by the life sciences, medical, and public health researchers including other interested people with a compact and easy understanding format.

                Thailand Health Data 2015-2016 is divided into 3 sections as follows:

                Section I: Introduction
                Section II: Province in comparison
                Section III: Province data

                                Government and Health Agency Contact Details


Section I: Introduction 

                1. Explanatory note      

                2. Map of Thailand  

                3. Thailand administrative division  

                4. Key to the pronunciation of province names  

                5. Sources of data  







Section II: Province in comparison 

                1. Thailand at a glance 

                2. Thailand's health indicators  

                3. Health highlights  

                4. Population  

                5. Population projection 

                6. Live birth  

                7. Cause of illness  

                8. Cause of death  

                9. Mortality  

                10. Infant and maternal mortality  

                11. Health personnel  

                12. Hospital 

                13. Health budget

                14. Miscellany

                                - Gross domestic product (GDP)                                   

                                - Social securitys

                                - Useful addresses



















Section III: Province data 

                1. Bangkok  

                2. Vicinity of Bangkok

                3. Central Region

                4. Easten Region

                5. Western Region

                6. Northeastern Region

                7. Northern Region

                8. Southern Region