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Drug Discovery / New Generic

TCELS encourages the discovery of new drugs and development of new generics. Along with the Faculty of Pharmaceuticals of Chulalongkorn University, TCELS will be supporting four new generic drugs this year. Growth Hormone project of TCELS, in partnership with KMUTT, is in the pilot plant stage. It is soon expected to move to the stage of pre-clinical trials. TCELS is also supporting the Drugs Discovery Project related to cancer, in partnership with the Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai. Quebracchitol, a biochemical product obtained from the natural rubber latex serum, is a compound being studied for the treatment of cancer and diseases related to fungal infections of the mouth. This project is still in its initial stages. TCELS is also supporting the discovery and development of dengue vaccine, along with the Center for Vaccine Development, Mahidol University. The Dengue Vaccine Project has reached the pilot plant stage and will soon require a quality control laboratory.



Pre-industrial Dengue Vaccine Production

Thai scientists have longstanding experience and expertise in dengue vaccine research. Efforts of researchers at Mahidol University’s Center for Vaccine Development (CVD) have led to the world’s first tetravalent dengue vaccine for the four serotypes of dengue virus, in 2000. Early-stage clinical trials have been conducted for this vaccine.

TCELS recognizes the importance of developing it further and taking it to the level of commercial production.  For this, TCELS has established a pre-industrial level dengue vaccine factory that meets Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards, in partnership with Mahidol University and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. This facility can also be used as a model for the development of other biotechnology industries in the future.

The Dengue Vaccine Project is progressing steadily towards the manufacturing stage. In the next few years Thais can expect to have access to a dengue fever vaccine invented and manufactured by local scientists, adopting internationally approved certification standards. This will be the result of a collaborative partnership between Mahidol University, TCELS, the Department of Disease Control, MOPH, and the World Health Organization (WHO).