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Advanced Dental Technology Center

Advanced Dental Technology Center (ADTEC) was initiated in 2012. Projects of ADTEC include design and development of dental implant and materials for improving the quality of patients’ lives. Some of these projects are:

  • Design, development and manufacturing of dental implants.
  • Design and development of craniofacial implants for facial prostheses.
  • Design and development of mini-implant for orthodontic.
  • Design and development of mini plates and screws for craniomaxillofacial surgery.
  • Design and development of bone plates and screws for small animals.

ADTEC’s mission is to design and develop medical devices according to the international standard of ISO 13485, and to license them to manufacturers. Manufacturers can then produce and distribute the medical devices to the users. ADTEC has successfully implemented the case of dental implant.

ADTEC is undertaking the design and development of craniofacial implant, using the same technology as dental implant, for a special target group of people who have lost facial organs in unfortunate circumstances like wars, accidents or diseases. Along with suffering physical trauma, these people are faced with social discrimination which negatively impacts their self-confidence and limits their opportunities in life. ADTEC beckons a ray of hope through mini-implant. Its application is for beauty dentistry, used for providing orthodontic treatment and achieving the desired tooth movement. Eventually it improves facial aesthetics.

Another special project of ADTEC is the development of mini screws and plates for holding the fracture in the jaw and facial bones. Objectives of this project are:

- To design and develop a prototype of mini plates and screws for face and jaw bones as per ISO 13485.

- To transfer the prototype of mini plates and screws for face and jaw bones for commercial production through ISO 13485 certified manufacturer.


ADTEC also has a project of bone plates and screws for small animals, using the same technology as mini plates and screws for face and jaw bones. It is expected to reduce the cost of import material for animal hospitals and enhance the knowledge base of veterinary sciences in Thailand.

Thus ADTEC, with all its design and development projects, is set to benefit and further enrich dentistry in Thailand, both for humans and animals.