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Medi copolis

Medicopolis: Land of Innovative Health Services

TCELS has initiated this ambitious project to transform Thailand into a medicopolis – the medical hub of ASEAN region. In Thailand, healthcare and medical facilities are of international standards. Medical tourism has become a prevalent business model and has given new wings to Thai economy. These developments have brought about a surge in the number of hospitals vying for local and international accreditations and certifications. Many hospitals have obtained the US standard accreditation from the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) and gained the status of international hospitals.

Along with the modern medical infrastructure and facilities, Thai traditional medicines and therapies are also world renowned. Medicopolis project of TCELS will support the research and development of products and services related to these systems and will promote Thailand as the medical center of the ASEAN region.

As part of the Medicopolis project, TCELS has the following three objectives: 

- Transforming the research in medical products and services to innovations for attracting investors, consumers and tourists, 
- Making Thailand the center of medical and wellbeing tourism, and 
- Adapting the health products and services to the specific needs of particular target groups.

Medicopolis project has three main target groups. Platinum Medicopolis service caters to the needs of aging population. Superstar Medicopolis service includes beauty products and treatments for men and women. Wellness Medicopolis service is for general health needs, including fitness, weight loss, spa treatment, Thai massage, herbal food supplements, anti-aging products, etc.

Thus, Medicopolis project will develop innovative health products and services. It is distinctively designed to suit the individual requirements of each target group.