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Pre-clinical Testing

If you are looking for pre-clinical testing to ensure the effectiveness and safety of your products before they reach consumers, TCELS is there to support you with the services of the following centers:

  • Health Products Safety Testing Center: This toxicology testing laboratory complies with the international toxicology standards for pharmacopeias and other products registered in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), such as vaccines, herbal medicines, cosmetics and household chemicals. Testing for GLP compliance helps our clients in reducing non-tariff barriers for international trade.
  • Laboratory Animal Breeding Center: This center has been set up in collaboration with Mahidol University and breeds animals that meet international testing standards. Laboratory animals from this center are supplied to Health Products Safety Testing Center. This Laboratory Animal Breeding Center also trains experts in laboratory animal science. It has now obtained the standards of the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).
  • Laboratory Animal Monitoring Center: It guarantees quality control for animal production in Thailand and is consistent with international standards ISO/IEC 17025. This center allows Thailand to improve the capacity and quality of its own breeding and testing units. It also equips TCELS to offer consultancy services to other laboratories in the region.
  • OECD Accreditation Unit: TCELS has initiated a project to set up an OECD GLP Accreditation Unit in Thailand for medical laboratories and public health. This project supports the training of experts and encourages domestic laboratories to register for OECD GLP Certification. This project also engenders coordination of national and international organizations to apply for membership with OECD GLP international certifying organization. They are also encouraged to participate in activities and events as per the requirements of OECD GLP Technical Working Group. Establishment of this OECD GLP Accreditation Unit will bring Thailand another step closer to becoming an OECD country by the year 2015.

For all life sciences related pre-clinical testing requirements in Thailand, companies can contact TCELS for expert guidance and services.