" Your Perfect Support for Life Sciences Business in Thailand"

Commercialization & Investment

For our clients who are exploring market opportunities, we assist in the commercialization of their innovations, services and knowledge in Thailand. We encourage market-driven research and assist in achieving the full potential of innovations.

We support the establishment of biosciences companies in Thailand in an attempt to add value to health biosciences. We also seek to develop the basic infrastructure to increase product value, services and investment. TCELS constantly endeavors to bring the public and private sectors together for the development of products. We encourage business investment and support newcomers with commercialization services.

At TCELS, we are constantly approached by companies who are interested in technology transfer, obtaining licenses for the establishment of factories and looking for legal advice. With our expertise and experience we are always prepared to respond to the specific requirements of our clients.

So far we have supported the establishment of below mentioned 12 companies, foundations and associations:
- Glovax (Thailand)
- BioLaunch (Thailand)
- Phankal Co. Ltd.
- International Business Development Co. Ltd.
- Heart Genetics Co. Ltd.
- Pharma Resources Asia. Co. Ltd.
- MTI Co. Ltd.
- International Drug Development (IDD) Co. Ltd.
- Alzheimer Foundation of Thailand
- Committee for Ethics in Human Research Foundation
- Thammasat and WHO-TDR Clinical Coordination Training Centre
- Thai Association for Biotech Industries.

TCELS team is always there to respond to the specific queries of companies who are considering commercialization prospects. Our members keep getting updated announcements and information regarding commercialization opportunities in Thailand.