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If you want to find partners in Thailand for your life sciences business, TCELS provides a customized matching service database. We specialize in the development and administration of matching programs to help global customers search, identify and screen potential business partners in Thailand. Our matching programs provide an efficient, fair and effective means of managing the offer-acceptance process in competitive markets.

We have implemented matching programs in a number of life sciences research projects. We also provide business matching services to industries and commercial institutions. We arrange business matching appointments for our clients to meet the prospective companies so that they can promptly start business negotiations.
In collaboration with Thai Association for Biotech Industries, TCELS has initiated Asia Bio Business Partnering Conference since 2007. We have been organizing exhibitions and business-to-business meetings with experts, biotechnology institutes and private companies from China, Korea, Japan and Thailand. Through these events our partners gain access to over three billion consumers in the ASEAN countries, China, Korea, Japan, India, Australia and New Zealand via Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

In July 2013 on behalf of the Ministry of Science and Technology and six other co-hosts, TCELS is organizing the ASEAN Life Sciences Conference and Exhibition 2013. On this occasion 8th Asia Bio Business Partnering Conference will be a key event. Major domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers of biomedical products, health foods, herbal products, spa, medical devices and green products will be present at this event. Participation in the 8th Asia Bio Business Partnering Conference will provide a golden opportunity to meet, network and match business needs with local and international businesses.

At TCELS we are particularly keen that our clients get the right match for their business. Our members can avail free space to store their company/personal profile for business matching propositions. We also provide our members updated announcements and information regarding business matching needs and opportunities in Thailand.


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