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TCELS announced 3 Startup winners after completing Mini Life Sciences Mentorship Program.
Preparing for the next round to mobilize Startups to global markets!


     Dr. Nares Damrongchai, CEO of TCELS said that after the government kicked off Startup Thailand 2016 at Queen Sirikit Convention Center, Health Tech business is considered to be distinguish from others in terms of difficulties in research development, patent registration as well as IP management.  These have brought the Health Tech products becoming premium and having a better opportunity to jump into world market.

     Dr. Nares also mentioned that Mini Life Sciences Mentorship Program was actually built on a success of Life Sciences Entrepreneurship workshop organized by TCELS earlier. We have joined hand with EXPARA, an experienced Startup builder and investor to set up Mini Life Sciences Mentorship program. We are quite happy to see several Startups (about 13 companies) applied to the mentorship program and the 3 winners have really good potential to grow. We will continue to mentor them by supporting further on product development, investment and business expansion.

                Ms. Taweeporn Gedarram said. “Next year TCELS will scale up the training to full program with an aim to develop 5 more startup companies. I would like to invite everyone who has innovation to apply right away when the program is opened”

                Let us introduce 3 winners from Mini Life Sciences Mentorship program.

                Cal Nanovation Ltd. is a Startup with innovative skin care product developed from modification of fatty acid molecules by using nanotechnology. They demonstrated that that their products can treat the acne within 24 hrs. The idea was generated by a group of Thai researchers during their studies in USA under the support of Queen Sirikit scholarship.

                Skin Lab Ltd. is a company having a new skin care product developed from bioactive peptide. This peptide can inhibit the inflammatory and increase skin nourishment by reducing free radicals and improve nutrient absorption. It can make your skin bright and silky.

                Thai Chemical Supplies Ltd. is a company generating 100% natural products. The products awarded are rice natural hair serum and rice natural hair essence. The products are claimed to prevent hair fall and induce new hair growth within 2 months. 

                Mr. Douglas Abrams, Expara CEO, who is an expert on startup mentoring said that the 3 winners have shown their potentials with strong teamwork. The support will not stop at this Mini Life Sciences Mentorship program; we will continue to grow these companies to the maximum success.